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The Ludlow Palmers raise money for the Conservation Trust for St Laurence, Ludlow; Charity Number 1114678


St Laurence's, Ludlow is one of the finest medieval parish churches in England.First built in 1199, it assumed its present appearance in the mid 1400s following a major reconstruction in the “perpendicular” style. Architecturally impressive, it also has a wealth of original stained glass, a set of remarkable carved misericords and the tombs of several senior figures in the Council of the Marches which administered justice across Wales and its Marcher borders.

St Laurence, Ludlow
St Laurence, Ludlow
The 15th century rebuilding was made possible through the benevolence of the Palmers Guild which flourished from around 1250 to 1550. At its peak it had some 5,000 members nationwide and owned a third of Ludlow. Richard, Duke of York, was a notable Palmer. He was killed in 1460 at the battle of Wakefield during the Wars of the Roses. After ascending the throne, his son, king Edward IV is said to have enrolled 50 of his followers in the Guild.

In the 21st century, we have set up the Ludlow Palmers to raise money for the Conservation Trust for St Laurence. This is an independent charity with no religious affiliation. We have been able to support a wide range of conservation projects ranging from roofs, pinnacles and walls to windows, carvings, misericords, wall paintings and altar frontals.

If you care about the future of this magnificent building, will you join us and become a Ludlow Palmer? You can do this HERE

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News and events

Thursday 19 January 2017
2:30pm — 4:30pm
Ludlow Methodist Church

Palmers' Talk and Tea

Creating a
Visitor-Friendly Centre
at Lincoln Cathedral

Carol Bennett

Thursday 16th February 2017
2:30pm — 4:30pm
Ludlow Methodist Church

Palmers' Talk and Tea

Rebuilding History:
Flying Grandad's Aircraft
(WWI Bristol Scout)

David Bremner

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