The Ludlow Palmers raise money for the Conservation Trust for St Laurence, Ludlow; Charity Number 1114678


Members of the medieval Ludlow Palmers Guild paid an annual membership fee (equivalent to £220 in today's money) to help members “reduced to poverty by theft, fire, shipwreck or other mishap or wrongfully imprisoned anywhere in England, to provide assistance during temporary sickness or incurable disease or as a dowry for sisters of the Guild on their marriage or entry into religion”.

For nearly 300 years, until the Guild's suppression by Edward VI, the Ludlow Palmers provided St Laurence Church with financial resources to maintain and enhance the building, as well as enrich Ludlow town life through music and education. The magnificent building, beautiful ceilings, rare medieval stained-glass windows, and historic misericords are a few of the Ludlow Palmers Guild's legacies to Ludlow and the nation.

Founded in 2006, today's Conservation Trust for St Laurence and its fund-raising arm — the Ludlow Palmers — support the repair and conservation of St Laurence's fabric and historical treasures. Membership in the modern Ludlow Palmers is based on positions assigned to medieval Guild members: Palmers, Stewards and Wardens. In addition, modern Ludlow Palmers may join the Guild Circle.

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Thursday 19 March 2020
3:30pm — 5:00pm


Ludlow Methodist Church

Time Unfolding: alabaster and transience

Speaker: Janet Manifold

Janet Manifold is a sculptor working primarily in alabaster. She completed an MA in Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art in 2019 and has recently exhibited work as part of the John Ruskin Biennial at the Museum of the Near Future, Lancaster University and the Hive, Birmingham.

Alabaster is a form of calcium and the concepts underpinning Janet's work have their origin in the influence of calcium on the rhythms and cycles of both the natural world and ourselves. The notion of ‘time unfolding’ extends from geological timescales at one extreme to the speed of a firing neuron at the other, and alabaster is a uniquely transient material through which to interpret these concepts.

Part of the Palmers' Talk and Tea series. Tickets (limited seating): £5.50 on the door (tea and cake included).

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