The Ludlow Palmers raise money for the Conservation Trust for St Laurence, Ludlow; Charity Number 1114678


East window Listed below are some of the projects funded, at least partly, by the Conservation Trust in recent years. We are proud of the part we have played in caring for this iconic building and its treasures, but there are very big challenges ahead. One of these is the repair and conservation of the medieval windows including the Great East Window, possibly the largest in England devoted to the story of one saint, St Laurence - That's why we need your support!

Projects that have already received financial support from The Conservation Trust

Between 2011 and 2014 the Trust contributed £300,000 to various projects to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's. Recently a further £50,000 has been voted for projects to be completed in 2015.

Preserving the Fabric

Rainwater getting in is one of the main causes of deterioration in any building and the majority of the trust's resources in recent years have been used to help to make sure that the church is thoroughly watertight and likely to remain so for many years. Several of the roofs have been repaired, gutters and downpipes have been replaced and much of the tower has been re-pointed. While the scaffolding was in place the opportunity was also taken to repair or replace several of the pinnacles on the roof. Internally the roof of the Parvise Room (above the porch) has been repaired.

Linenfold panellingNew projects for 2015 include the re-pointing of several sills, gullies and hood mouldings, the replacement of a cast iron downpipe from the tower and repairs to the roof flashing on the Lady Chapel roof. Three external tower doors are also to be replaced.

St John's Chapel Panelling

The linenfold panelling, dating from about 1500, and other woodwork in St John's Chapel needs restoration and consolidation. We have launched a special appeal for this work which we hope will mean that restoration can be carried out in the summer of 2017. You can see details and have an opportunity to contribute HERE

Preserving the Treasures

The DecalogueIn recent years the important 14th century armorial windows have been completely cleaned and made weather-proof. The very early and important ‘Decalogue’ or Commandments Board has been cleaned, as has the Royal Arms of Charles II. There has been much activity around the high altar where meticulous work has been undertaken to clean the carved stone reredos. Together with the cleaning of the mosaic floor in the Sanctuary, this has had a dramatic effect on the appearance of the east end of the church. Several monuments and works of art have also received attention.

At various places in the church there are fragments of medieval wall painting. Those in the Parvise room are currently in danger of disappearing for ever through deterioration of the wall surface. So the conservation of all the wall paintings has been made one of the priorities for 2015. The church has an impressive collection of altar frontals of various ages and the trust is paying for these to be conserved, together with repairs to the banner of St Laurence designed by Sir Ninian Comper, the famous architect and designer of church furnishings.

Loss Prevention

Probably the greatest threat to the building is a fire in the roof. The Conservation Trust has approved funding to install a remotely-monitored and wireless fire alarm. We have also agreed to pay for an alarm to guard against the theft of lead roofing.