Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
Lady Chapel


The Lady Chapel, in the south-east corner of the 1199 church, has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary since at least the C14. The original masonry of the walls was modified in the 1330s for the insertion of the east window, and in the 1440s for the insertion of larger south windows and raising the roof along with the rest of the Church. more...

Jesse Window

Ludlow's Tree of Jesse, which fills the East window of the Lady Chapel, dates from about 1330. The restoration by Hardman of 1890 preserved as much as possible of the original glass, but was a significant challenge even to a clever and painstaking craftsman. more...

Commandments Board

Ten Commandments Boards date from the Elizabethan period when there was a requirement for them to be displayed. This one dates from 1561. more...

Charity Boards

The Lady Chapel contains a number of charity boards originally set up as a reminder of various funds that had been set up for the benefit of the poor of the parish

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