Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's

Much of the magnificence of St Laurence's was built, maintained and improved by legacies through the medieval Palmers' Guild and by legacy-givers in modern times remembering St Laurence's in their Wills. An example is the window in the picture which was installed in 1887.

How can I make a difference?

Gifts to charities in a Will — legacies — are exempt from tax so the charity receives the entire gift. They also reduce inheritance tax where it applies. Legacies are usually for a fixed sum or for a percentage of a residuary estate (the amount left after other bequests). Legacies can be instructed in any new Will or by a Codicil – a supplementary statement – in an existing Will.

The church spends £15,000 every year on routine repairs and maintenance. But this does not include major repairs and restoration for which costs can be very great. This is where the Trust comes in. In recent years it has contributed over £500,000 to more major and specific schemes of restoration:

  • replaced and repaired external fabric — the roof lead on the Lady and St John's Chapels and a dozen rooftop pinnacles
  • conserved and cleaned interior fittings — the medieval reredos, the Victorian marble mosaic floor at the high altar and the Tudor wall panelling in St John's Chapel
  • restored decorative works — wall paintings and the Tudor Ten Commandments Board
  • Our flagship task over the next generation will be to help restore the extensive and remarkable medieval stained glass windows which are, in Britain, second only to York Minster's. The estimated cost of this is £1.5m.

    Legacies can be made for specific purposes by agreement, or for general purposes for application by the trustees to the pressing needs of the day.

    Need to find out more?

    Download our legacy booklet Making a Lasting Difference

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    In making a legacy we recommend you seek appropriate professional and legal guidance.

    Ludlow Palmers is the public name of supporters of the Conservation Trust for St Laurence Ludlow.

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