Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
The Misericords

About the Misericords

The misericords are medieval choir stall seats designed to be raised during services, so that the occupants had to stand. St Laurence's has one of the largest collections in any parish church.

The misericords are described individually, going east to west with the north side first. But for a bit about them generally more...

The Dishonest Alewife

The Dishonest Alewife

This carving is thought to represent a Ludlow beer seller guilty of either watering down her beer or selling short measure, hence the beer jug in her hand. She is portrayed as a vain and sinful woman, shown by her extravagant headdress more...

The Antelope Gorged and Chained

The Antelope Gorged and Chained

This carving shows a heraldic beast, the Antelope Gorged and Chained. Gorged means that it has a ‘gorget’ or ducal crown as a collar around its neck, attached to a chain. It may represent one of the royal beasts kept in the Tower of London. more...

Falcon and Fetterlock

The Falcon and Fetterlock

This carving shows a heraldic sign, the Falcon and Fetterlock. A Fetterlock is a sort of shackle which is a common emblem in heraldry, often displayed in a way resembling a padlock. The Falcon and Fetterlock was originally the badge of the first Duke of York, Edmund Langley, who used a closed golden fetterlock. more...

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