Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
Roundel windows

The glass in the cinquefoils of the three easternmost windows of the north aisle are the only surviving original glass in the north aisle and the oldest glass in the church. The glass that remains commemorates Theobald or (Thibault) de Verdon (or Verdun) (d1316) and his two wives Maud Mortimer (d1315) and Elizabeth de Clare who survived him and went on to be widowed for a third time before founding Clare College, Cambridge.

Theobald, through this inheritance from the de Lacy dynasty, owned a lot of Ludlow property, and it is conjectured that he financed the rebulding work. His arms, a red criss-cross pattern on yellow, are shown in the middle roundel.

On the right, those of the family of his first wife, Maud, daughter of Edmund de Mortimer, a white shield bordered in blue and yellow, and on the left, are those of the de Clare family of his second wife Elizabeth (three red chevrons on yellow)).

All three roundels were conserved with £5,000 from the Trust in 2011.

From the de Mortimer family, lords of Wigmore Castle and later also of Ludlow, the monarchs of England derive descent, through Edward IV. The de Mortimers and their descendants in the House of York, dominated the history of Ludlow throughout the later medieval period.

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