Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
The South Transept


After the completion of the north aisle work started to give the Church transepts. The south transept became the ‘Chancel of St Catherine’ while the north transept became the ‘Chancel of St Margaret of Antioch’. more...

St Catherine's Chapel east window

This window is made up of fragments of medieval glass recovered from different parts of the Church over the period to 1904 when it was installed. Some of the glass is earlier than the 15th century glass of the chancel and St John's Chapel. The virgin receiving the crown of fleur-de-lys at the top dates from the mid fourteenth century.

The Dame Eure Monument

The monument to Mary Eure née Dawnay, 1557-1612, was erected by her husband, Ralph Eure, 3rd Baron Eure, Lord President of the Marches from 1607 until his death in 1617, when he was buried next to his wife. more...

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