Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
Ludlow Palmers Trustees

The Conservation Trust for St Laurence, Ludlow is a charitable trust (No. 1114678) whose purposes are to maintain, repair, restore, preserve, reconstruct, beautify and improve for the benefit of the public the fabric of the Parish Church of St Laurence, Ludlow.

The Trustees are no fewer than three nor more than twelve in number. Each Trustee is appointed for an initial term of three years, and no Trustee shall serve for more than six consecutive years. After a lapse of at least one year a former Trustee may be invited to return for a period of office. The Ludlow Civic Society, Ludlow Town Council and St Laurence PCC each nominate one representative as Trustee.

The 2020/2021 Trustees are:

Chair: Sylvia Turner — Appointed 2017

Vice-Chair: Ian Marshall — Appointed 2020

Treasurer: Karen Raymond-Blake — Appointed 2019

Ludlow Civic Society Representative: Malcolm Perrett — Appointed 2017

Ludlow Town Council Representative: Viv Parry — Appointed 2014

St Laurence PCC Representative: Dick Franks — Appointed 2015

Francesca Bingham — Appointed 2019

James Caird — Appointed 2016

Chris Crowcroft — Appointed 2016

John Cherry — Appointed 2018

Lesley Harling — Appointed 2016

Roy Thwaites — Appointed 2018

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