Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
Creed window 1

This window must be read as a pair with the one to its right despite the masonry in between. They are called the 'Creed windows' because they depict the 12 apostles at the Council of Jerusalem receiving inspiration from the Holy Ghost above through rays of light. Like the other windows in the Chapel they date from the mid C15 and were probably made by the same workshop as the adjacent Golden Window.

The aspects of the Creed for which each Apostle is identified with read from left to right across the two windows, first the upper panels and then the lower.

The apostles in this window are St Peter with his keys; St Andrew and his saltire; St James the Great with his pilgrim's staff and scallop shell; St Thomas with his spear; St Matthew with a club (; which should be an axe); St James the less with an axe (should be a fuller's club).

This window was restored in 1876 in memory of Rev Robert Russell, Preacher of St Laurence's 1853-74.

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