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Shearmen's window

The middle window on the north side of the Chancel is known as the Shearmen's window, because it was commissioned by the Shearmen's Guild of Ludlow (Shearmen were clothiers). It is recorded as having been made in 1425 which means that it was adapted for its present site when the Chancel was rebuilt in the 1440s.

The window was restored in 1854 by David Evans at the cost of Robert Clive and Baroness Windsor. Like 4 of the other Chancel windows, only 9 of the 15 main panels contain pictorial images. The glass is a mixture of ancient and restoration.

The tracery at the top depicts six angels, the four central ones carrying the instruments of the crucifixion. Below are six more figures: an angel, a doctor, a king, St George and two unidentified figures. The main panels are nine saints under canopies with their names inscribed at their feet.

Top row: St Leonard — patron saint of prisoners — with fetters; King David with a harp; St John of Bridlington. There appears to be no special reason for this latter to be included in a window in Ludlow other than he was fairly recently canonized (1406). Second row: St Barbara with sword and tower; St Joseph with a staff; St Appolonia with tooth forceps — she was tortured by tooth extraction. Third row: St Dunstan with his tongs — he is the patron saint of goldsmiths; the Virgin and Child; St George and his dragon.

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