Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
The Chancel north-east window

The window was restored in 1854 by David Evans at the cost of Robert Clive and Baroness Windsor. Like 4 of the other Chancel windows, only 9 of the 15 main panels still contain pictorial images. The glass is a mixture of ancient and restoration.

The tracery at the top depicts the Annunciation angels with musical instruments, censing angels and female saints. Main panels top row: St Stephen with stones, one on his head; St Laurence with a gridiron; St Vincent with a book and palm frond; second row: St Margaret with a book and piercing a dragon with a cross; St Katherine with a sword and wheel; St Helena with a cross and book; third row: St Thomas à Becket; St Edward Confessor with his ring; St Augustine.

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