Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
Chancel south middle window

The window was restored in 1859 by Clayton and Bell for Sir Charles Rouse Boughton and his brother in memory of their parents. Before restoration the window had six plain panels like the others in the choir. Some of the old glass came from elsewhere in the church.

The tracery has a head of Christ at the top and 12 saints of which only St Dorothy, with the flower, has been identified. About half the glass is old.

Top row: St Paul with sword and book (new glass); St Luke with pen and book (some old glass); St James the Great with pilgrim's hat, staff and shell (old glass); St Joseph of Arimathea with a budding thorn staff and pot of ointment (new glass); St James the Less (old glass).

Second row: St Helena with a cross (mainly old glass); St Elizabeth of Hungary with a rose and sceptre (old glass apart from the head); St Catherine with sword and broken wheel (new glass); St Etheldreda with a model of Ely Cathedral (new glass); St Margaret with cross and dragon (old glass);

Third row (are all a mixture of old and new glass, the heads all old); St Edward the Confessor; a Magus with gift for the Christ-child; a Magus with gift; a Magus with gift — these three from an adoration window elsewhere in the Church; St Thomas with the Virgin's girdle.

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