Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's

The Dishonest Alewife

This carving is thought to represent a Ludlow beer seller guilty of either watering down her beer or selling short measure, hence the beer jug in her hand. She is portrayed as a vain and sinful woman, shown by her extravagant headdress. On the left, a demon named Tutivillus reads out a long list of her sins. In the centre she is being carried off to hell on the shoulder of another demon (without his head), and a third accompanies them on the bagpipes. To the right of the scene is the mouth of hell with a poor sinner being swallowed whole. The whole scene comes from the Chester ‘Last Judgement’ mystery play performed annually by the Weavers and Walkers Fullers) Guild. Weaving and fulling were key Ludlow trades, so there may have been strong links between the guildsmen in the two towns.

This misericord has the carver's mark of an uprooted plant that also appears on seven of the other misericords.

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